A book isn’t always the right solution when it’s time for a company to record or share its history. CorporateHistory.net offers a variety of company history services, including company history video production, business history websites and timelines, company archiving and oral history programs, anniversary brochures, executive tributes, and more.

History Websites and Anniversary Timelines

NACHA—The Electronic Payments Association went all-out with a parallax web timeline that summarizes 40 years of money movement history from the early days of Direct Deposit onward. For California’s State Compensation Insurance Fund, we cross-referenced 100 years of company and state history. And our site for Texas-based Jackson Walker showcases 125 years of milestones at a dynamic law firm whose practice spans the globe.  

CorporateHistory.net will expertly produce your history website or anniversary timeline from concept to rollout. If you want to include video we’ll handle the shoot, making sure that your on-camera speakers look and sound their very best. You can breathe easy on the technology side, too. We’ll test and fine-tune your business history timeline on every browser and mobile device. And whether we integrate the final product into your current website or create a stand-alone site (your choice), we’ll work closely with your IT team to ensure a seamless launch. 

Company History Videos and DVDs

M.C. Dean, Inc., one of the nation’s premier electrical, electronics, and telecommunications contractors, wanted to share its 60-year history at a special anniversary event for 3,000 employees—and to re-edit the material for numerous corporate communications uses. CorporateHistory.net's video production partner created a multipurpose presentation featuring interviews with company leaders and employees at facilities nationwide. We also created a video for PARC called "Life After Base Closure" that's garnered more than 3,000 views on YouTube.  

Whether your company history video will be featured online, at a special event, or shared with employees and customers on DVD, a short documentary about your company’s history can be an effective and engaging way to tell your company’s story.

Company Archiving and Oral History Services

CorporateHistory.net archived the holdings of Annin Flagmakers and conducted its first-ever oral history interviews. Founded in 1847, Annin is America’s oldest and largest flag manufacturer. Its materials, including Civil War-era artifacts and letters from U.S. presidents, are now housed in environmentally stable conditions accessible to scholars and future company leaders. We've also created user-friendly archives for the 80-year-old engineering firm Moretrench.

CorporateHistory.net directly offers archiving for organizations in northern New Jersey and has a partnership with a national archiving firm. Our professionals will come to your site to organize your holdings, preserve fragile items, and create a catalog. From scattered files and artifacts, you gain a company-wide asset valuable for corporate communications and research. Oral history interview programs, part of all book and DVD projects, are available as a stand-alone service.

Company History Brochures, Speeches, Web Copy and Keepsakes

If standard approaches aren't the right fit, CorporateHistory.net will work with you to research and share your company’s history in a unique way that meets your needs. We can provide speechwriting services, history-related Web elements, or unique publications and items that feature your company history.

Besides creating a company history video for M.C. Dean, Inc., CorporateHistory.net came up with a unique company history quiz cube appropriate for a festive, outdoor employee event.


Business Memoirs and Executive Tributes

A business memoir combines company history and personal memoir. It might be a full-length book or a short publication designed to share both a company’s story and an individual’s hard-earned wisdom. Some organizations use these publications as tributes to outgoing executives (sometimes called festschrifts).

Our book Melwood — A Story of Empowerment, co-written with President Emeritus Earl Copus, is a great example of a hybrid history/memoir. Melwood is a private nonprofit agency that serves adults with developmental disabilities. Drawing from his 40 years as Melwood's director, Earl drafted a copious amount of material that we shaped, expanded, edited, and polished. The result is a book that speaks to the mind and heart.