Company histories have unique challenges—and has seen and helped solve them all.

Modest budget? helped Clinton County ARC, a nonprofit organization, keep its 50th anniversary book within budget through careful management and clever design. We created a handsome publication with a colorful look and feel that was affordable to produce. For Superior Linen Service, a book of stories, photos, and timelines (no long chronology) was just the ticket. A modular approach made for a fast turnaround.

Deadline looming?

A shorter book, anniversary website, or video can tell your story effectively—and can often be completed in months. created a lively 64-page book for Dempsey Uniform & Linen Supply that’s packed with anecdotes and photographs. We kept the Towers Watson history on a fast track, too. We can help you determine a realistic scope and schedule for your company history commemoration and make sure it’s ready when you need it.

Tough decisions?

Company histories can and do inspire passionate feelings within an organization—but sometimes those feelings make it hard to agree internally about how to tell your story. In these cases, we recommend starting to record oral history interviews right away to prevent the loss of important memories and get the project off to a strong start. Then, we work with clients to resolve conflicts and make sure you end up with a company history everyone can be proud of.

Started but feeling stuck? can help you create a quality company history publication, even if you have a manuscript or partial manuscript in progress. We worked with Earl Copus, CEO of Melwood, to expand his early efforts into a compelling and lively book about an agency that has transformed the lives of people with disabilities.

Fast-changing story?

The most current events are often the most difficult part of a company history project. When your story is still evolving, that challenge can be even greater. For PARC, we made it clear that their story is a work in progress. We also created special sections at the front and back of the book that were finalized right before publication with the latest information.

Missing important information?

Sometimes the key events of a company’s history have never been written down. Archival materials may be scattered in closets and desk drawers. We helped The Pep Boys gather their history and record interviews to create an award-winning company history book. For Sandvik, we unearthed materials from Sandviken, Sweden, to Scranton, PA. We also offer oral history programs, web timelines, videos, and other services to help clients who are not ready for a book.