12 Ideas for Story-Rich Image Use

With a nod to the invaluable Graphic Design USA blog where these first appeared, here are 12 ideas for story-rich image use … paraphased and enhanced for corporate communicators by CorporateHistory.net president Marian Calabro. 1-Choose an image that tells a story without needing words. 2-Use imagery in unexpected ways. 3-Explore brand values (the featured image of a Staedtler pencil, part of an Andy Award-winning 2012 print campaign by Leo Burnett Hong Kong, is a great example). 4-Let images breathe. 5-Show real people. 6-“Un-ad” your ad. 7-Check your tech (no dead links; provide alt-text copy in case the image doesn’t load). 8-Be positive. 9-Know your audience. 10-Test what works and do more of it. 11-Use images that trigger the senses. 12-Think globally. Thanks GDUSA! It’s a great checklist for evaluating and freshening up About Us pages, Timelines, and any branding or corporate history communications.