Month: November 2016

Nabisco’s 115th Anniversary: Cool on Heritage, Hot on Cash

If your brand is big enough, you can heat up your business anniversary by rewarding customers with cold cash. That’s the approach taken by Mondelēz International for the 115th anniversary of its Nabisco brand. Through a “115 Moments of Joy” campaign, Nabisco is showering cash prizes for[...]
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Puckish history of the book

For those of us who love history, especially as delivered in books, Keith Houston’s latest volume is catnip: a history of books (more specifically, a history of book production) called The Book. Not an easy title for search engines, but the subtitle says it all: A Cover-to-Cover[...]
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Paging Mr. Orwell: “Disrupted” Is a Must-Read

George Orwell would reel at the language and corporate culture brilliantly depicted by Dan Lyons in this year’s best nonfiction book about a workplace, Disrupted: My Misadventure in the Start-Up Bubble. “My year in start-up hell” might have been a better subtitle. It’s not exactly the corporate[...]
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