Month: August 2017

Vroman’s Bookstore Is Young at Age 123

Vroman’s calls itself “a Pasadena institution, a literary landmark, a community center, and a wonderful tradition.” After visiting it last week, I couldn’t agree more. This California bookstore displays its history well, both on its website and in photos around the store like the ones shown here.[...]
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“I’m going to be in a book!”

From the library. We typically interview from 40 to 80 employees and retirees for each book.
Reminder of why corporate histories matter: We got the following thank-you from a young insurance agent who is part of a three-generation family of agents affiliated with our client (their 90th anniversary book is in progress). His grandmother, still alive and well, was an early agent. “THANK[...]
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History Comes Alive in Springfield, IL

Actor Fritz Klein as Mr. Lincoln in Springfield, IL
Never underestimate the value of a good actor who can bring history to life. Springfield, Illinois, is fortunate to have Fritz Klein, who has been playing Abraham Lincoln almost all his adult life in IL and on national stages. As a historian and a theater buff, I[...]
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