“About Us” Pages – Best Practices

MI restaurant Marie Catrib's "About Us" page. It's got personality. Not shown but when you scroll down, there are "Baby Steps & Leaps of Faith" (origin story) and "Guiding Principles." Plus address and hours, which is why most people go to restaurant websites!

When did you last review your organization’s “About Us” pages? All that time spent positioning your brand in the news and social media should be backed up by a clear and persuasive snapshot, not a confusing mishmash. Use CorporateHistory.net’s “Ten Commandments of About Us Pages” as a checklist:

Commandment 1: Know thy audience.
Commandment 2: Thou shalt not generalize.
Commandment 3: Reveal thy personality.
Commandment 4: Don’t take your own name in vain.
Commandment 5: Honor thy readers and their attention spans.
Commandment 6: Honor thy visuals.
Commandment 7: Remember to keep navigation easy.
Commandment 8: Remember to facilitate make yourself and your organization easily accessible.
Commandment 9: Worship clarity.
Commandment 10: Remember to keep holy the updates.