Anniversary Goes Missing

When an annual report prominently displays “50 Years 1967-2017” on its cover, as does the latest publication of the Environmental Defense Fund, a reader reasonably expects to find some history inside: a timeline, a profile of the founder, some then-and-now photos. Instead she finds only four paragraphs and a few short timelines, which are fine as far as they go. So that reader visits the org’s website, but the home page is strangely absent of any anniversary news. Being persistent, this reader tries the website’s search box and again comes up empty-handed. She doggedly drills down three levels to locate even a smidgin of organizational history (about > mission and values > our story). After all this, she still hasn’t located much beyond those original four paragraphs. She wonders how much this group cares about its illustrious and vital history and why it even bothered to create a 50 Year logo. ANNIVERSARY TIP: Without the basics in place at the very beginning of your anniversary year, your organization will miss a year’s worth of opportunities to connect, market, and celebrate. At the very least, update your About Us page using these do’s and dont’s.