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Springsteen’s Work-Life Memoir

Bruce Springsteen’s memoir Born to Run brilliantly gets to the essential nature of many things: creativity, depression, New Jersey . . . and on top of that it’s a workplace memoir. C’mon, haven’t you dreamt of breaking out of cube life to become a performer? Great reading,[...]
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Puckish history of the book

For those of us who love history, especially as delivered in books, Keith Houston’s latest volume is catnip: a history of books (more specifically, a history of book production) called The Book. Not an easy title for search engines, but the subtitle says it all: A Cover-to-Cover[...]
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Digital Museum Example

Small historical societies are superb repositories of local artifacts and memorabilia, yet they’re often so underfunded that it’s hard for authors to access their holdings. One solution is a digital group museum like the Maine Memory Network: “Developed and managed by the Maine Historical Society, the Maine[...]
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