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This is the original Iwo Jima flag photo

This photo by U.S. Marine Lou Lowery inspired the more famous image at Iwo Jima, taken by Joe Rosenthal two hours later. Source: Annin Flagmakers: An Illustrated History, published by
To celebrate the Fourth of July, we share the true story of the World War II Iwo Jima flag photo, as contained in’s commissioned history of Annin Flagmakers, written by Marian Calabro: “This was the first U.S. flag raised on Iwo Jima. It was made by[...]
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What’s your iconic corporate history image?

"We Keep Life Flowing" is powerfully conveyed by the cover of the American Water history, published by
Can a single central image tell your corporate story? That’s the key question asks when we create covers and home pages for clients’ business anniversary books and history timelines. Our guiding principle is that the anniversary image should convey what the organization does – doing it[...]
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Business Anniversary Logos: 3 Essentials

Does your anniversary logo contain all three of these key branding points: who, when, and what/why? Have you integrated them into a single visual that pops, as Rainmaker did (example above)? 1) Who you are. 2) When you came along, or how long you’ve been around. 3)[...]
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