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7 Reasons to Use History in Your Marketing

It's all about the story and the personal connection! Employees lined up to have their BAYADA Home Health Care history books signed by author Chris McLaughlin and BAYADA President Mark Baiada.
1. To tell your story. History means story, and everyone loves a story. Stories are memorable. They put a human face on your products or services. They make your brand stand out. 2. To stretch your marketing investment. Your stories and images belong only to you. Once[...]
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4 Ways Around a Lack of Photos

An artifact from eBay and a Bostonian Society photo created the opening spread for the book for A. W. Hastings.
So you need to create a history presentation or timeline, but your organization is lacking in photos from certain time periods? It’s a common problem. Here are four solutions that work for and its clients. 1. Try eBay and other vintage photo sources such as Historic[...]
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3 Ways to Use Oral Histories in Your Company History

From's 50th anniversary book for Northwest Community Hospital
Employees are your best marketers. They’re also your best storytellers. Voices convey the real culture of your workplace. Whether we’re doing a book, an interactive timeline, or a history Web site, we talk with people extensively. Often we’ll do a hundred hours’ worth of oral and video[...]
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3 Ways to Quantify Your Corporate History Investment

One of our clients measured the value of chronicling its history by surveying 20,000 employees at the end of its 100th anniversary campaign. This is an industry-leader listed on the NYSE, largely unionized. The questions posed to employees are great ones for YOU to ask, both at[...]
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