Category: Business Anniversaries

9 Reasons to Avoid Printing in China

We just lost a business anniversary book project because the potential client – let’s call them XYZ – chose a vendor who promised cost savings by printing in China. Please don’t be similarly naïve. Here’s why Chinese printing won’t work for XYZ and likely won’t work for[...]
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Nabisco’s 115th Anniversary: Cool on Heritage, Hot on Cash

If your brand is big enough, you can heat up your business anniversary by rewarding customers with cold cash. That’s the approach taken by Mondelēz International for the 115th anniversary of its Nabisco brand. Through a “115 Moments of Joy” campaign, Nabisco is showering cash prizes for[...]
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12 Ideas for Story-Rich Image Use

With a nod to the invaluable Graphic Design USA blog where these first appeared, here are 12 ideas for story-rich image use … paraphased and enhanced for corporate communicators by president Marian Calabro. 1-Choose an image that tells a story without needing words. 2-Use imagery in[...]
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