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Your Reputation, Your History

Exhale the past? Yes, but recommends that you save it, too, so it doesn't disappear. (Photo credit: Toa Heftiba/Unsplash)
“If you don’t like the word history, substitute reputation.” We often suggested that to prospects and clients in the early years of Some 18 years later, it’s truer than ever. Building a great brand or reputation—a history—can take years. Destroying one can take just moments. Ask[...]
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More Ways to Speed Up the Corporate History Process

Book development usually begins when the approved manuscript is in hand. But sometimes it makes sense to write and design your history chapter-by-chapter. (Photo credit: Shutterstock)
The normal process of creating a corporate history anniversary publication is a relay race: research and interviewing, then writing, then design, then production. But when time is short, you may need to overlap these stages. One time-saver is to review and edit the manuscript chapter-by-chapter, rather than[...]
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What’s Your Iconic History Image?

Does your central image tell your corporate story? That’s the key question asks when we create covers and home pages for clients’ business anniversary books and history timelines. Our guiding principle is that the anniversary image should convey what the organization does. And it should do[...]
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Bury that Time Capsule Idea

Time capsule of Westinghouse items being prepared for burial at the NY World's Fair in 1964. The operative word is "burial," a hint why there are better ways to display artifacts. (Photo credit: Wikimedia/Creative Commons)
Time capsules are great if you store them above ground. Preferably with the capsule opened and the contents displayed for all to see, both physically and digitally. Otherwise, as time capsule historian William Jarvis told an audience at the Long Now Foundation, “We’ve never learned anything from[...]
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