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Your History Month

Previously unpublished photos like this one of Lena Horne (copyright Sam Falk/The New York Times) are showcased by The Times for Black History Month. The collection includes Martin Luther King, Jackie Robinson, Malcolm X, and other historic figures, as well as scenes of daily life.
Bravo to The New York Times for showcasing a trove of newly unearthed photos for Black History Month—and for admitting that its own narrow vision may have precluded publication decades ago. On a narrower scale, the same thing happens time and again when corporate history researchers and[...]
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Online Museum at Jolly Time

This twist on the timeline may work for your business anniversary: A virtual museum like the one Jolly Time Popcorn created for its centennial. What’s the diff? Timeline is chronological, museum is time-related but also categorical. Jolly Time structured theirs like a book. Scrolling through five chapters, we[...]
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Top logo designer: “Logos are overrated”

Good video with logo designer Michael Bierut. Click on link below to view.
“The Nike swoosh was nothing the day it was drawn.” Marketing made it work. That’s one of several insights in’s 4-minute video interview with logo designer Michael Bierut. He breaks down corporate symbols into four categories: – wordmarks like Coca-Cola and FedEx – pictorials like Shell[...]
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New Year, New Blog

Art courtesy George Arents Collection, The New York Public Library
Welcome to our blog’s new home, where we’ll post news and musings on About Us Pages, archiving, branding, business anniversaries, company founders, executive memoirs, film and TV workplaces, history in marketing, oral history, public speaking, timeline design, and of course corporate history.
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