Category: Corporate History

#InclusionRevolution marks 50 Years of Special Olympics

The folks at Special Olympics did such an awesome job promoting their 50th anniversary that the anniversary logo even made its way onto a United Airlines international cocktail napkin! This organization has transformed and enriched so many lives. Indeed, the first corporate history we wrote was for[...]
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10 Usefully Quirky Interview Questions

These ten business history interview questions – slightly offbeat, always evocative – have been used by with great results in developing executive memoirs, business anniversary projects, and speeches. We ask these Qs only after covering the 16 basic interview questions we blogged about last month. Can[...]
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The easiest marketing mistake to fix

Today, June 30, we received four e-newsletters from otherwise savvy marketers. Each made a common marketing mistake that makes them look … let’s just say less than on top of things. Yet it’s the easiest thing to fix: namely, anything issued in the 2nd half of June[...]
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