Go Beyond the Merely Transactional

From branding to bonding: CorporateHIstory.net reflects on the value of positive transactions in business and in life. (Photo credit: Shutterstock/YP_Studio)
Let’s resolve in 2022 to propel our business dealings beyond the merely transactional. Let’s make them more cooperative. More open. And (dare I say) friendlier. Ultimately that makes all of us more successful. Alfred D. Chandler, the “doyen of business history,” wrote about three types of capitalism.[...]
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Bury that Time Capsule Idea

Time capsule of Westinghouse items being prepared for burial at the NY World's Fair in 1964. The operative word is "burial," a hint why there are better ways to display artifacts. (Photo credit: Wikimedia/Creative Commons)
Time capsules are great if you store them above ground. Preferably with the capsule opened and the contents displayed for all to see, both physically and digitally. Otherwise, as time capsule historian William Jarvis told an audience at the Long Now Foundation, “We’ve never learned anything from[...]
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What’s Your Latest Chapter?

BAYADA Home Health Care re-engaged CorporateHistory.net to chronicle its continuing journey.
Have the past few years made your organization’s head spin? Try this steadying move: Step back and examine the latest steps in your evolution. BAYADA Home Health Care just did that, when founder Mark Baiada and company leaders asked CorporateHistory.net to chronicle its latest chapter. That’s the[...]
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Why family businesses resist company histories

Dempsey Uniform & Linen Supply understands the value of its corporate history. "Finally all the facts, dates, and stories are together in one place. We love our book!" said VP Kristin Dempsey, pictured between her dad, founder Patrick Dempsey, and brother PJ, the current CEO.
Family businesses often resist corporate histories. Why? A few reasons we hear: “We know our history already.” “Why spill secrets to the competition?” “Will future generations care?” “Why spend the money?” Some questions in return: “Why miss the chance to celebrate and strengthen the brand you worked[...]
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