The easiest marketing mistake to fix

Today, June 30, we received four e-newsletters from otherwise savvy marketers. Each made a common marketing mistake that makes them look … let’s just say less than on top of things. Yet it’s the easiest thing to fix: namely, anything issued in the 2nd half of June[...]
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16 Basic Interview Qs for Business Histories

Use these 16 foundational interview questions to gather the facts, feelings, and framework for your organization’s history. We’ve used them with great results across 1,500 interviews for’s business history books and campaigns. Your time at The X Company 1. Name (with spelling), credentials, title, location, start[...]
Read More publication wins Hermes Gold's "The Bel Fuse Story" is a 2018 Hermes Gold Award winner. is delighted that our publication “The Bel Fuse Story” has won a 2018 Hermes Creative Gold Award in the brochure category. As in previous years, we’re the only corporate history group to be so honored. NASDAQ-listed Bel Fuse was founded in 1949 and is still under[...]
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7 Reasons to Use History in Your Marketing

It's all about the story and the personal connection! Employees lined up to have their BAYADA Home Health Care history books signed by author Chris McLaughlin and BAYADA President Mark Baiada.
1. To tell your story. History means story, and everyone loves a story. Stories are memorable. They put a human face on your products or services. They make your brand stand out. 2. To stretch your marketing investment. Your stories and images belong only to you. Once[...]
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