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4 Ways to Find Great Pix for Your Corporate History

Does your organization lack strong visuals for certain eras? Good news: It is possible to spin something out of nothing. Here are suggestions with examples from’s experience, all guaranteed to pep up your social media feed, About Us pages, timeline display, presentation Powerpoints or corporate history[...]
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On Not Toppling Statues

Fallen statue of William Rolleston, Christchurch, New Zealand. Photo courtesy of Creative Commons/Wikimedia
Food for historical thought this Labor Day week and US election season, from Jeff Shaara’s preface to Rise to Rebellion (Ballantine Books): “It has become fashionable in our modern, more cynical time to re-examine our history, to throw a supposedly new light on those who are famous[...]
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Public Speaking: How Not to Engage an Audience

CanStockPhoto by Stevan Ovicigor
“Stand up so we can embarrass you,” the keynote speaker said with a booming laugh as he approached a table of business owners. I shook my head and thought: “Did he really say that?” This took place at a networking breakfast sponsored by a large company with[...]
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Visual Public Speaking

Displaying the words of your organization’s founder or mentor . . . it’s a great form of visual public speaking, an opportunity to convey values and set the mood. It might even stop traffic. Walking in Manhattan recently, I couldn’t help but notice this Design Within Reach[...]
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