Category: Public Speaking

Public Speaking: How Not to Engage an Audience

CanStockPhoto by Stevan Ovicigor
“Stand up so we can embarrass you,” the keynote speaker said with a booming laugh as he approached a table of business owners. I shook my head and thought: “Did he really say that?” This took place at a networking breakfast sponsored by a large company with[...]
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Visual Public Speaking

Displaying the words of your organization’s founder or mentor . . . it’s a great form of visual public speaking, an opportunity to convey values and set the mood. It might even stop traffic. Walking in Manhattan recently, I couldn’t help but notice this Design Within Reach[...]
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Your History Month

Previously unpublished photos like this one of Lena Horne (copyright Sam Falk/The New York Times) are showcased by The Times for Black History Month. The collection includes Martin Luther King, Jackie Robinson, Malcolm X, and other historic figures, as well as scenes of daily life.
Bravo to The New York Times for showcasing a trove of newly unearthed photos for Black History Month—and for admitting that its own narrow vision may have precluded publication decades ago. On a narrower scale, the same thing happens time and again when corporate history researchers and[...]
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