Brief History of

The next chapter of has begun.

Marian Calabro here. I’m delighted to announce a new future for In May 2022 the company’s name and assets transitioned to Heidi Tyline King, a creative partner to us for 16 years. Our story will soon continue at her website; prospective clients are encouraged to contact Heidi there. Will I write an executive memoir of my own? Or a history of the business I launched and shepherded for 18 wonderful years? Maybe. In the meantime, this timeline on my personal website captures’s highlights. And this final blog post extends my gratitude far and wide.

In 2004 Bernie Libster and I started with an idea and a name. Our clients and creative partners helped us build the business into a national leader. Our timing was luckier than we knew, if only because attention spans were longer in the early 2000s. The momentum built faster and lasted longer than we dared to hope. Along the way we enjoyed meaningful work, new friendships, and great travel.

Perhaps the best compliments came from clients who told us that making the history journey was a highlight of their careers—a big-picture endeavor that created lifelong meaning. One such client, a SVP of marketing, added: “It was wonderful to have you digging into our corporate culture. It causes everyone to do a little soul searching, at least for their business soul, and that is very healthy.”

In the corporate history realm, I’ll continue to consult on campaigns and to co-write ‘as told to’ autobiographies and memoirs. Working part-time, I also edit, teach, and lead creative writing workshops.

My Roman ancestors said it well: Verba volent, scripta manent. Spoken words fly away, written words endure. Also apropos: the title of the series finale of my historically favorite TV show, the ever-brilliant M*A*S*H: “Goodbye, farewell, and amen.” Bernie and I deeply thank everyone who made this business possible. We wish you the best in your own professional and personal journeys.

Timelines never get old. View the entire timeline here.