Business Anniversary Logos: 3 Essentials

Does your anniversary logo contain all three of these key branding points: who, when, and what/why? Have you integrated them into a single visual that pops, as Rainmaker did (example above)?
1) Who you are.
2) When you came along, or how long you’ve been around.
3) What you do and/or why you do it.

Too many business anniversary logos omit that final element: 10, 25, 50 Years of WHAT? Seize the opportunity to celebrate what you deliver, what you’re good at, what keeps customers coming back. Without it, you might as well buy a stock logo off the shelf. Some examples follow, cautionary and exemplary.

HO-HUM. I’m a fan of New Jersey’s Paper Mill Playhouse, but they missed a big chance to strut their theatrical stuff. Message could have been: Curtain up on 80 years as a top-tier regional theater. TIP: Avoid adding dates. It can make a logo look like a grave marker.

80 Years of … what? A missed opportunity, logo-wise.

GETTING THERE. Road Runner Sports has a great sense of humor about itself. If they’d only integrated the company name into the “35 Years Movin’ With You,” the logo would be perfect.

2 of the 3 elements are in place. Just need company name integrated into logo.

OUT OF THE PARK. The Rainmaker Group (Rainmaker), a provider of cloud-based hospitality revenue and profit optimization software, applies a light touch and a customer-based benefit to its 20th-anniversary logo. Splashy! This is from their Instagram feed.

Business anniversary logo with all three elements in place.