Eleven Non-Book Ideas for Corporate Anniversaries

CorporateHistory,net president Marian Calabro and a cutout of BAYADA Home Health Care founder Mark Baiada. Selfie walls and a gala at the annual conference were among the ways BAYADA celebrated its 40th anniversary all year long. CorporateHistory.net’s book for BAYADA became a Graphic Design USA award-winner.

Searching for ways to celebrate your company anniversary if you lack the time or budget for a book? Here are 11 ideas.

1. Do the core planning: create an anniversary team, identify audiences, develop a unifying theme, design a unique logo that piggybacks on your brand, mine your origin stories, and establish a realistic schedule. Those activities will be your groundwork for …
2. Videos.
3. Webcasts.
4. Contests to gather memorabilia and stories, especially if you don’t have formal company archives (give each respondent a small thank-you gift plus a chance to win a bigger raffle prize).
5. Employee appreciation events.
6. Timelines and/or virtual museum on your website.
7. Physical displays in your reception areas, lobbies, and conference spaces (once we all get back to our office buildings).
8. Special anniversary gifts for all stakeholders.
9. Community/charity activities.
10. Parties—maybe small ones regionally and a gala when social distancing ends.
11. A brochure or some kind of milestone narrative in print. Spoken words fly; written words endure.