Gillette: Corporate History as Competitive Tool

With a name like King Gillette, no surprise he started a razor company.

Three ways Gillette brilliantly uses its corporate history and brand strength to strike back against competitors like the Dollar Shave Club:

1) TV ads, also posted on YouTube, that feature “the faces behind the blades”—real people with real jobs in a real American city of Boston (there’s also a letter from them here);

2) The creation of Gillette on Demand—they admit they had to play catchup, so they imitated what the other guys are doing but emphasized the reputation and quality behind it; customer reviews are funny and real;

3) The creation of Treo, a work in progress—apparently the first-of-its-kind “assisted shaving razor” designed for caregivers (not professional barbers) who shave ill people and older folks.

Well done, Gillette!