Happy 50th anniversary to WCBS 880AM

WCBS-AM, nicknamed “News Radio 880,” is a friend to us all in the NYC metro area. Soon after debuting in 1967 it invented “traffic and weather together” and helped establish the whole category of news radio as a brand. Since then we’ve tuned to it several times a day for updates— and we’ve relied on it during blackouts, breaking stories, and tragedies. It’s great to relive the memories at a special anniversary site, full of 50-themed features: 50 Stories from the Vault, 50 People to Know, and backstories of such memorable days as the Challenger explosion (1986), the “Miracle on the Hudson” (2009), and transit strikes from 1980 and 2005. You can click on the voices of Charles Osgood and Pat Summerall, as well as audio from the very first day on air 50 years ago: great oral histories, as befits a great radio station. Celebrating your company history doesn’t have to be hard. It starts with taking the time to unearth and acknowledge your roots. Thanks for doing that, WCBS-AM.