History Equals Reputation

Uber taxi in Moscow, courtesy of Wikimedia

When people tell me that no one will be interested in their company’s history, I suggest substituting the word “reputation” instead. “Who cares about our history?” becomes “Who cares about our reputation?” The light bulb brightens. This came home in a big way today as I considered signing up for a ride-sharing service. Naturally Uber came to mind, being the main brand. Founded in 2009, they’ve been around long enough to have a history. But the only things I’ve heard about Uber are pretty bad things. The founder got into hot water; drivers aren’t happy; scandals seem to abound. And it didn’t take long to discover that Newsweek thinks that March 2017 was Uber’s worst month ever. No big moral here except the biggest: We’re writing our histories all the time, corporate histories and otherwise.