How Much Does a Corporate History Cost?

At, the price of a corporate history book, consulting engagement, or other deliverable ranges from the mid-five figures upward, depending on key variables.

Prices for corporate history publications, books, and campaigns range from the mid-five figures to the mid-six figures. Many variables are involved, as is true of any customized product. These seven key parameters help determine corporate history and business anniversary pricing. They reflect more than 15 years of experience at the national provider

1) Amount of research: Does your organization have formal, well-indexed archives or a mass of unsorted material? The more time needed to excavate raw material, the more your corporate history will cost.

2) Number and format of interviews: Will we conduct oral histories with ten, 50, or 100 people? An experienced provider such as will help you determine your sweet spot. Even with executive memoirs, we need to talk with key people other than the exec. Audio recording is a given, but will you want also some interviews professionally video-recorded?

3) Number and format of deliverable(s): Book, video, dedicated website, social media material, campaign consulting that ties into branding and marketing strategies? Each has its price tag. For books, it takes the same amount of time to research, write, and design an e-book and a printed book. For print, it matters whether you opt for hardcovers, softcovers, or a mix. And your per-unit cost will drop based on quantity; big difference between a print run of 500 or 5,000.

4) Length and scope: A seasoned corporate history provider can tell your story in broad strokes, which keeps prices down. But remember you may only do this once every 25 years—it’s like putting a pool in your backyard—so why compromise your vision? And while attention spans aren’t what they used to be, your board members, retirees, and donors don’t mind longer works. They’re likely to pore over every word.

5) Time frame: If the job’s a rush, you’ll pay rush charges. That’s assuming the vendor accepts the RFP at all. At, we need a minimum of nine months to produce a short commemorative book at the level of quality we’re known for. More typically, projects take 12 to 24 months, especially for longer works.

6) Bells and whistles: Business anniversaries call for special touches. Figure on a higher budget if you want a book with dazzling design features such as special bindings and slipcases, or a web effort that involves multiple creators who need to coordinate their schedules.

7) Professionalism: Corporate history projects have many moving parts, plus psychological complexity (think personalities, politics, and competing priorities). Hmm, how about asking a recent retiree to be the writer? Or your cousin’s son who just graduated college with a minor in graphic design to be the designer? Or maybe an already-busy, in-house team can spare some extra time? These alleged shortcuts will cost you time and precious dollars in the long run. And while you can sometimes make up for the money, you can’t regain the lost months.

Here’s the bottom line in corporate history pricing: nothing is more customized and individualized than your organization’s own story. You just can’t buy it off the shelf. You need a consultant and developer who has navigated these waters, a corporate history company with deep bench of talent that specializes in this demanding niche. Do your due diligence., for one, will be happy to guide you through the corporate history pricing process.