“I’m going to be in a book!”

From the CorporateHistory.net library. We typically interview from 40 to 80 employees and retirees for each book.

Reminder of why corporate histories matter: We got the following thank-you from a young insurance agent who is part of a three-generation family of agents affiliated with our client (their 90th anniversary book is in progress). His grandmother, still alive and well, was an early agent. “THANK YOU for the experience we had while in Tennessee. First, your author did a phone interview with my Grandma. After she spoke to him, Grandma excitedly said, ‘I’m going to be in a book!’ Later your photographer did a fantastic job with her and our whole family. Grandma had such a great time doing the photo shoot. While it is such a great honor for all of us [to be featured in the book], for my Grandma, the experience she has had is priceless. These things will be something we will always look back on and remember.”

If I and the rest of CorporateHistory.net’s authors have learned one thing in interviewing more than 1,500 people for the business anniversary books and campaigns we’ve produced, it’s that most people do care about their work. They take tremendous pride in it. It matters to them when it’s recognized to the extent that they’re going to be in a book! That’s why company stories are worth chronicling.