M&Ms Turn 75?!

Great origin stories never fail. Did you know that the Mars Company developed M&M’S® Brand Candies as snacks for US soldiers in World War II? The coating kept the chocolate from melting during shipment. The rest is sweet history now being celebrated during the 75th anniversary of what has become the #1 global confectionery brand, according to Forbes.

The year-long celebration includes lots of marketing goodies, listed here. But why no splash on the company’s home page? Seems like a major oversight when there’s so much fun to go around:
* M&M’S® Brand To-Go Bottles (reusable and filled with guess what)
* “Vote For Your Favorite Peanut” contest
(“M&M’S® Brand adds colorful fun to the 2016 election season! Four M&M’S® Brand® Chocolate Peanut varieties – Chili Nut, Honey Nut, Coffee Nut and Original Peanut – will go head-to-head in a consumer promotion to determine America’s Favorite Peanut.”)
* Revival of the “Candyman” song circa 1971, on YouTube and elsewhere
* M&M’S® Brand Movie Ticket Mania
* Sweetly retro packaging
* NASCAR Toyota

Mars is clearly using the business anniversary to reinforce an iconic brand (not a phrase I use lightly, but apropos here). And let’s not forget that half of all US M&M’S® Brand Candies are made in New Jersey–one of our better efforts.
March 14 M&M Nascar