Online Museum at Jolly Time

This twist on the timeline may work for your business anniversary: A virtual museum like the one Jolly Time Popcorn created for its centennial. What’s the diff? Timeline is chronological, museum is time-related but also categorical. Jolly Time structured theirs like a book. Scrolling through five chapters, we learn that the founding family also invented Corn Huskers hand lotion (you can thank Cloid Smith for that); that beer cans owe their inspiration to the 1927 popcorn pail (shown here); and that the company celebrated its centennial with a Kernels of Kindness contest that funded customer-recommended charities across the US. On each screen, historical factoids and video links pop up like … well, like popcorn.

All in all, a fun way to showcase business history. Creative work was by Minneapolis’s Haberman agency. As Jolly Time’s current CEO Garry Smith says: “To survive for a hundred years to have to be nimble and flexible and relevant. And being relevant in 1950 is different from 1980 or 2014.” Microwave popcorn, anyone?