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AEGIS Insurance Services

The Story of AEGIS
chronicles the creation and growth of AEGIS, a leading mutual insurance company that provides liability and property coverage, as well as related risk management services, to the energy industry. Based on numerous interviews with present and past directors and employees, this engaging history explores how AEGIS’s expertise has set it apart from commercial insurance companies since the company was founded by its policyholder-members in 1975. It further explores how AEGIS has continued to provide stable capacity and collaborative claims paying for more than 40 years, despite events such as the Superfund in the 1980s, the meltdown of Enron, the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Hurricane Katrina, and Superstorm Sandy. The book also provides a brief history of AEGIS London, which operates Syndicate 1225 at Lloyd’s of London.

Author: Marian Calabro
Art Director: John Clifford, Think Studio
Design and Production: Christine Reynolds, Reynolds Design & Management

The Story of AEGIS (book cover). AEGIS’s policyholders represent virtually the entire energy infrastructure in North America, and the company is parent to AEGIS London, a syndicate at Lloyd’s of London.

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