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Annin Flagmakers

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I wanted to let you know how nice the Annin book looks. You did a wonderful job and Annin was fortunate to have you working on it. We’re excited about getting it into the hands of our customers, vendors, and employees.

Carter Beard, President and CEO, Annin & Co., Inc., Roseland, NJ

Founded in 1847 and headquartered in Roseland, New Jersey, Annin is America’s oldest and largest flag manufacturer. We are honored to have created the first book-length history of this family-owned company, now being led by members of the sixth generation. To develop Annin Flagmakers: An Illustrated History, we conducted 25 in-depth interviews at three Annin locations and drew on materials from Annin’s archives.

Shown on the cover: Three locations capture Annin’s progress. Left to right: the original office on Fulton Street in Manhattan; the Verona, NJ, facility in 1950; and the current plant in South Boston, VA, in 2013.

Project highlights:

  • Development of a two-page, six-generation family tree that goes back to John Johnson Annan (1688-1769), who emigrated from Scotland to New Jersey
  • Creation of a seven-page illustrated timeline of major events
  • Research on several key stories, including the role of Annin flags in the Civil War, the America’s Cup yacht races, various World’s Fairs, Iwo Jima and other World War II events, the NASA moon landing, and the 9/11 tenth anniversary tribute at Ground Zero

To learn more about Annin, visit http://www.annin.com.

Interviewer and author: Marian Calabro
Book designer: Christine Reynolds


We archived 165 years’ worth of Annin’s holdings. Its materials — many of which are fragile and historically unique — had been stored throughout the company’s plants and offices, as well as in the basements and attics of company owners. The process turned up some amazing items, from Civil War-era newspaper clippings to a hand-signed letter by President Woodrow Wilson on White House stationery.

Annin’s documents and artifacts are now housed in environmentally stable cabinets along one wall in a conference room. Pieces of framed artwork and photography are on display throughout company headquarters. Key employees have hands-on access to the collection as needed. Perhaps best of all, Annin intends to update the collection regularly, making it an ongoing resource for flag historians and future company leaders.

Archivist: Kathy Kauhl

APEX2014Award Winner: CorporateHistory.net’s Annin Flagmakers: An Illustrated History won a 2014 Apex Award of Excellence for One-of-a-Kind Custom Publications. The book was one of only six winners in the for-profit section of this category. Now in their 26th year, Apex Awards recognize exceptional quality in “graphic design, editorial content, and communications excellence.”