History & Corporate Identity Brochures

Bel Fuse

“The brochures look wonderful. We’ve shared them with our global associates. We all thank you so much for your efforts. It really was a pleasure working with you.”

Bel Fuse, Jersey City, NJ

Bel Fuse has created and delivered power, protection, and connectivity solutions for major customers since 1949. Publicly held since 1967, this NASDAQ-listed company has thrived under the continuous leadership of the Bernstein family. From its home base in northern New Jersey, Bel now operates in 32 locations across North America, Europe, and Asia. When Bel decided to chronicle its history, it turned to CorporateHistory.net—the only history consultancy and publisher in the New York metro area. After doing oral history interviews with 15 Bel employees and digging into Bel’s boxes of artifacts, we created:

  • A colorful 28-page booklet, The Bel Fuse Story, which includes a scrapbook featuring long-time employees
  • A three-panel slim jim featuring Bel’s founder, current CEO, and an illustrated timeline
  • And a 100th-anniversary slim jim highlighting subsidiary Cinch and its 17 brands

Author: Marian Calabro
Designer: Christine Reynolds

Hermes Gold Award
The Bel Fuse Story earned Gold honors in the international Hermes Awards competition, sponsored by the Association of Marketing and Communications Professionals. CorporateHistory.net is proud to be the only corporate history publisher to win this award in 2018.

Bold and direct, the cover of this company history utilizes “Bel blue” and the corporate logo.

This spread showcases the father-and-son Bernstein CEOs and Bel employees from the 1980s.

Slim jims feature past catalog covers to show a quick evolution of the Bel and Cinch brands.