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State Compensation Insurance Fund

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For 100 years, the not-for-profit State Compensation Insurance Fund has served California as a strong, stable provider of workers’ compensation insurance. Established in 1914 by the state legislature, State Fund is a vital asset to California businesses and employees; its history parallels the dynamic, influential, and innovative history of California itself.

To celebrate that history, State Fund commissioned an interactive Web timeline that highlights the growth and achievements of the organization and the Golden State. The timeline offers users two ways to browse: by chronology and by themes that include Origin & Purpose, Essential Services, Growth & Success, Working at State Fund, Changing Economy & Changing Workforce, The Home Office & More, and Leadership & the Road Ahead.

We delved into archives, public sources, and photo libraries to illustrate these topics in colorful ways:

  • State Fund memos on health and safety subjects, such as avoiding the worldwide flu pandemic (1918) and making driving safer by adding side-view mirrors to cars (1951)
  • Eco-friendly overviews, including photos of the “green” campus facility in Vacaville (opened in 2008) that reduces energy consumption, shrinks State Fund’s carbon footprint, and sustains its commitment to environmentally sound workplace practices
  • Outreach campaigns ranging from a 1914 brochure (“The assistance of our Safety Engineering Corps is yours for the asking”) to a series of ads during the financial challenges of 2009 (“Together, we’ll help keep California working”)
  • Photos of California’s various industries, from moviemaking and wine production to aerospace and technology

Research and Writing: Kevin McKenna
Project Management: Marian Calabro
Photo Research: Billie L. Porter and Wallrich Creative Communications
Web Design: Wallrich Creative Communications

The home page. Visitors can browse by topic or year.

The home page. Visitors can browse by topic or year.

The timeline also features milestones in California's history.

The timeline also features milestones in California’s history.

Solar panels on SCIF's Vacaville campus help tell the environmental story.

Solar panels on SCIF’s Vacaville campus help tell the environmental story.