Stickiest business anniversary ever

Happy 100th business anniversary, Fluff. Credit: Ginny/Flickr

The sticky-white marshmallow confection known as Fluff turns 100 years old today. Who knew? Apparently Mimi Graney did. Some 11 years ago she created the “What’s the Fluff?” festival in Somerville, Massachusetts; the Boston area lays proud claim to being a candy center (never mind about that pesky molasses disaster of 1919), and Fluff manufacturer Durkee-Mower still churns the stuff out in Lynn, MA. I was happy to discover that Graney has written a book devoted to Fluff’s cultural, culinary, and business history, to be celebrated at several Fluff-themed events. It’s from Union Park Press, an indie publisher dedicated to New England food, drink, history … and Fluff.  Just goes to show that no subject is too far-out for a corporate history!

Fluff turns 100 in March 2017. Cover courtesy of Union Park Press.