Take Your History on the Road

Fascinating to see coverage of the Stickley Roadshow recently in North Jersey Media. Stickley’s own corporate historian, Mike Danial, appeared in Paramus, where he invited attendees to “Take a stroll through history from the Arts & Crafts Movement to the rescue of L. & J.G. Stickley Inc. by the Audi family. Learn all about fine furniture from restoration, to care, to construction techniques. All attendees will receive a special showroom discount, free antique evaluations, and a chance to win a piece of Stickley.” Business anniversary tip for companies with tangible products to display: Given the interest in Antiques Roadshow on PBS, it’s a brand-boosting idea to mount a traveling exhibition – even if only via Facebook Live, which the Stickley Roadshow uses as well. Record ’em and gather oral histories at the same time! Tip #2: Post and keep a calendar on your website as well as social media (Stickley’s event list has disappeared from its website, which is too bad).