The Value of Visual Timelines

Thirty cheers for Ciclismo Classico’s 30th anniversary catalog, which showcases a design technique we often deploy at a parade of items that span from your founding year to the present day. Try it with catalog covers, annual report covers (which we did for The Pep Boys timeline), business cards and logowear (which we did for Dempsey Uniform), commemorative pins (which we featured across the top of a book spread highlighting BAYADA Home Health Care’s annual adaptive rowing regatta), even the façade of your headquarters . . . any visuals that have changed over time. It often takes some research to dig these up. But they’ll convey a powerful message about the evolution of your brand, virtually without words. (And maybe the process of excavating the items will inspire you to finally get around to some archiving, worth considering as a new year approaches.)

By the way, we enjoyed numerous Ciclismo Classico bicycling journeys in Italy back in the 1990s, and we’re delighted to see that the company is still going strong.