Three Key Steps to a Successful Corporate Anniversary

If your organization has a big anniversary looming in 2020 or 2021, take these three steps in the first quarter of 2019. Yes, this year! An early start translates into cost savings, more marketing impact, and less stress.

  1. Organize a cross-functional anniversary team. Reach beyond corporate communications and marketing to ensure buy-in and representation from all areas.
  2. Clarify and direct efforts. You can do this yourself, or schedule’s workshop for planning teams. Either way, the objective is to examine “the how and the why” of the business anniversary celebration. We lead participants through fun interactive exercises and games designed to bring out creative thinking and identify cross-functional goals.
  3. Come to agreement on appropriate themes, activities, and next steps for the upcoming corporate anniversary. Your takeaway should captures results and recommendations that can be presented to corporate leaders for further discussion. In our workshops, that means a concise focus document of 4 to 6 pages.

In the NY/NJ/Philadelphia area? will bring its workshop to your workplace. Across the country? Book a session by Skype or your preferred platform. Scheduling is at your convenience. Details here.

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