Top logo designer: “Logos are overrated”

Good video with logo designer Michael Bierut. Click on link below to view.

“The Nike swoosh was nothing the day it was drawn.” Marketing made it work. That’s one of several insights in’s 4-minute video interview with logo designer Michael Bierut. He breaks down corporate symbols into four categories:
– wordmarks like Coca-Cola and FedEx
– pictorials like Shell and Apple
– abstracts like the Nike swoosh
– logo systems that morph on a core design, like Google’s ever-changing six letters

From a history marketing perspective, I found it fascinating that Bierut considers religious symbols to be logos. When you think about it, religions do as much branding as any other organization. And here’s a good piece of corporate storytelling: Carolyn Davidson, who initially earned $30 for designing the Nike swoosh, was later compensated with stock options.

Nice work by’s video producer Joe Posner.