Tours: Walk Your Corporate History

Brown Palace photo (C) 2007 by Patrick Charles via Wikimedia

Have you discovered the power and possible profit of walking your history? Denver’s Brown Palace, for example – “Open every day since August 12, 1892,” as its About Us page says – offers guided walking tours on the hotel’s ghosts, architecture, presidential visits, and famous lady guests. Tours are free for overnight visitors and $15 for others. It’s not the only hotel to tell stories in person about its past: other corporate storytellers include the Waldorf-Astoria, West Virginia’s Greenbrier, and the Breakers in Palm Beach. Hey, I shelled out $178 for the Paramount Pictures VIP Tour in Hollywood this summer and didn’t regret a cent of it. If your organization is in a position to display its history in this manner, go for it. The power of a good story extends to business history.